CBD Oil: What Is It & How It Can Help Your Pets

Curious About CBD Oil?? So Were We!

CBD Oil seems to be all the rage, especially when it comes to our pets. What we wanted to know is this really the secret sauce or is it a fad?

We live in an area of Florida that’s been labeled the “Lightening Capital of the World.” We even have a hockey team with the name! Folks who live here struggle with pets who are scared of not only firecrackers but also thunderstorms. It’s an ongoing issue on how to insure that your pets are relaxed and not filled with fear or anxiety during these storms, which for us during the “rainy season,” are an every day occurrence. Regardless of where you live, we all face the same challenge of how to help our pets in fear or stress induced situations.

We’ve also heard that not only can CBD oil help with fear and anxiety, but that it also addresses an array of health issues, that when taken daily, can help to improve the over all quality of life for your pet. This sounds too good to be true so we took a field trip down to see our friend, Stacey Quinn who’s the owner and operator of Your CBD Store of Lakewood Ranch in Bradenton Fl, and also a second location at St. Armand’s Circle in Sarasota, Fl, to see what we could learn for ourselves, then share with you.

On our little road trip, we decided to bring retired greyhound, Lola with us since in our household, she is the one who is most afraid of the thunderstorms, spending most of the storms inside a dark walk-in closet shaking until the storm has passed. This is after the poor girl senses an incoming storm and pees right in our foyer. So not only are the storms stressful for her, they are no fun for us either watching her in her distress and mopping floors.

Curious to Know More About CBD Oil and How It Can Help Your Pet? Here’s What We Learned!

Make sure you check out the video above to hear our conversation with Stacey.

A small note, where Stacey is a trained expert in her product, neither of us are medical professionals, and any time you introduce anything supplemental to your dogs normal routine, it’s always best to check in with your veterinarian first.

Pet Care By Nicole, owner Nicole Desiano: All right Stacy so inquiring minds want to know, what exactly is CBD oil and why is everybody so excited about it? First of all, what is it, and what are the health benefits to anybody who might use it?

YOUR CBD Store, owner Stacey Quinn: Awesome! So CBD is a cannabinoid and our body naturally produces it, a lot of times we just don’t produce the right amount, so by taking CBD oil it promotes our endocannabinoid system to produce more on its own, puts it into homeostasis and when it’s in that state, inflammation begins to leave the body. It’s really awesome how so many different people can get results through the product because inflammation is the stem of so many different things.

Nicole: So are people using this not only for inflammation but are they using it for mood disorders like or anything like that? And if so what ages?

Stacey: Great Questions! Our average customer is over 50 and they have seen results with arthritis, joint pain, back pain, sleep; We do get a younger crowd as well though which is awesome cuz the product is very Universal so it helps with mood stability anxiety Panic – we’ve also partnered with our veterans for PTSD and panic and things such as that.

Nicole: That’s Wonderful! Speaking of it’s universality with mood disorders and anxiety, tell us a little bit about why people are getting so excited about using this with pets?

Stacey: So really crazy, our pets have the same receptors as we do – they have CB1 and CB2 receptors the same as us, so I always get excited about this and say “do you ever feel like you dog knows what you might be thinking? Well they just may!” CBD works the exact same way for our pets as it does for us. It can help them with thinking, motor skills, memory, coordination, the heart to brain to the lungs. Simply with a couple drops in the mouth could definitely give them some relief, and or we have some biscuits here, we have bacon treats, and we also have one of our more popular one which are the Lamb Bits.

Nicole: So are people just giving this to their dogs, I notice this book about “cannabis for k-9’s”, or are people giving it to any other types of pets?

Stacey: Yeah so we’ve had customers give it to their cats and it works very well, we’ve heard stories on horses, so definitely speak with your veterinarian and see if they would recommend, but we have seen really great results and it’s been broader than just dogs.

Nicole: So is this something that you give to an animal at the time of an event, or is it something you can give to them on a daily basis? And if it’s both cases, what would be the difference as far as need in those situations?

Stacey: I would say daily basis would be great, because it just really helps with all these different functions that we had spoke about, so if the dog is about middle-age, depending on its life expectancy, I would say daily would be great just to avoid those hip problems, arthritis, in the joints, and just to help give the pet a better quality of life. If you’re not in a place to do that, then situational is okay as well. It works really great like thunderstorms, separation anxiety, things like that.

Helpful chart on CBD for your furry friend

Nicole: How quickly will they process it, say you have a thunderstorm coming, and it’s already THERE; are you too late or do you have time to give it to them? Then how long does it take for it to take effect?

Stacey: Yes! definitely give it to them! I’d say a good safe zone would be to give it to them about maybe between 30 minutes to an hour, the oil is going to take effect a little bit quicker because it just doesn’t have the same ingredients to metabolize (as a treat) but you would still be okay at the thunderstorm if the little one’s getting anxious just give them a little CBD treat and smiles will come!

Nicole: Do you have any really great success stories that you want to share with us, maybe from people who have been using this with their pet and it’s change the pets life, and maybe even changed their own lives too?

Stacey: Yeah so this one kind of hits close to home. It was my sister-in-law and I gave her a jar of pet treats for Christmas for her dog, Dakota, and she’s like “What’s going to happen? Is he going to be doing back flips in my living room? (laughs) So I said if he does you better call me!” (laughs). The next morning I get a phone call and she left me a message on my phone, and she’s just like “I can’t believe this!” So the dog had really bad hips, he’s 14yrs old, and couldn’t really get out to use the restroom so it’s kind of a project. She didn’t like leaving him with people because she felt as if they were going to be able to get him to use the bathroom and they weren’t going to be able to care for them the same way as she does. She gave him a treat when she got home that night and another in the morning, and she said “…he is running all around my backyard!” and she hadn’t seen that in years! The good news was we were actually able to all take a trip that we are going to take and she felt comfortable leaving him with somebody because he’d started to get his quality of like back. It’s very exciting and that’s pretty much the best story because it hits close to home.

Nicole: That’s an awesome story because I think it not only gives a testament to how it changes the quality of life for the pet but also the quality of life for the owner too because so many owners feel like they are trapped or they can go out, or they have to be there comforting their pets or whatnot, so this really kind of gives them peace of mine on top of it.

So one silly question maybe but this is cannabis and we all know it’s tide to marijuana, but taking the oil will it make you “high”? Or will it make your dog high??

Stacey: No…and that is a really good question. Our products come from industrial hemp and so there is zero THC in the products.

Nicole: Okay, and that’s what make people “high” right?

Stacey: Correct

Nicole: And what about the costs??

Stacey: Everything in the store is based off the milligram, so this (oil) is 250 mg and is $40. We have our Beef Bits which are 60 mg and they are $30, then we have our Lamb Bits which are 180 mg and are $35, and then are bigger guys the Trio Pack in the bones, which is 250 mg and is only $50. So all of it is very affordable.

CBD Comes in Pet Treats too!

Nicole: Thats’ great. What would you recommend we take home for Lola today?

Stacey: I’d say the oil due to her nervousness, it’s probably the best way to administer it for her in case she’s not chewing the bone (because she’s too nervous to eat anything) you can at least then still get the CBD oil into her system.

Lola inspects the merchandise and her options
Lola chooses her purchase and takes home some CBD Oil!

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We want to give a huge THANK YOU to Stacey Quinn of Your CBD Store, who shared so much information with us. Not only did we walk out knowing we had something to help Lola, we learned that CBD oil had something to offer all of our pets in the household, like Ralphie who’s afraid of firecrackers and Piper, who has separation anxiety. Since our trip to the store, we’ve been giving this to Lola when we know we’re going to have a thunderstorm roll on through and it has really helped her. Instead of hiding in the closet, she remains snuggled on her dog bed with her pack in our living room. This has been a huge weight lifted off our shoulders as we don’t have to watch her suffer through the storms. It was a bonus to learned of all of the other health benefits as Lola is getting older so we know this is something that will help her with her little aches and pains that just come with old age.

Have You tried CBD Oil yet for your pets?

Have you tried CBD Oil yet for your own pets? If so we’d love to hear your stories and experience with it. Comment below!

If not yet, we hope this blog was as educational to you as it was for us and we encourage you to share this with your pet owning friends!