Here are the top questions I am most commonly asked when people first reach out to me, and during our initial meet and greet.

Here are my answers to the most common questions I get asked about Pet Sitting

Do you watch my pet in my home or do I bring them to yours?

I do watch animals in your home. That is the basis of this business. You obviously have many options to chose from whether it be to board your pup, leave them with a neighbor or family member, or use one of the big name pet care services that a run by apps to drop in. These options can be stressful for many animals and by my coming and staying the night in you home allows them to stay in their environment where all the scents and sounds are familiar, as well as we can do our best to keep their regular schedule.

At this time I do not take pets into my home. I only watch them in yours.

My pet doesn’t need anyone over night, do you offer another options?

Yes! I do over the options of day visits only. What this looks like is say you go out of town for the weekend, leave mid day on Friday, and return again around dinner time on Sunday. What I would do is drop in on Friday after dinner time to feed them, give them lots of love and attention, and give them a good exercise so they sleep soundly. I will then leave them for the evening to return the next day around breakfast time to again feed them and exercise them. I would repeat through Sunday morning.

Some of the older more independent dogs only need these two visits, but I do offer an additional mid day visit for a discounted rate.

What areas do you cover in Sarasota and Bradenton?

We currently sit in all of Sarasota from the Palmer Ranch/Clark Rd area up to SR 64. This includes the beaches of Sarasota to the west, and to the east all of Lakewood Ranch.

What are you rates?

My rates are posted to my webpage so you can predict the costs and budget for any upcoming trips. My rates are set to to reflect the level of personalized customer service you pet will get in my care. To link directly to that page CLICK HERE

What is the ‘Meet & Greet’?

The meet & greet is what I like to call the “interview” where you pet gets to meet me and decide they will enjoy having me as their sitter. We need to remember at the end of the day as “human like” our pets are to us, they are still animals and we need to honor their instincts. Because of this I’ll never enter a home having not met your pet.

This is also the opportunity for us to meet and become familiar with one another. This is the time too that your pet will get to see how you react to me. They feed off our energies and if they see that you are relaxed and trust me, then they too will trust me.

I just found you on Facebook, I have to leave for the weekend, can I book you and skip the meet & greet? My dog is super sweet?

I’m very strict on my policy to have the meet & greet. It is not safe for me to walk into a home of an animal that has never met me, as well it can be very stressful for your pup. I do recommend that the meet and greet be done asap that way if you do have the last minute need for a pet sitter, we have it all out of the way!

Will you also be walking my dog? Will you walk them with other dogs?

Yes walking your dog is all part of the exercise they need to be given. The length of the walk depends on them.

I will not walk dogs together. I walk them one by one, even if the two dogs are your own. This insures that I have total control of the animal.

My neighbor has a dog that doesn’t like my dog, what do you do if you encounter other dogs along the way?

It is my policy that when I am walking any of my clients dogs I will announce myself before we get too close, that I am the dog sitter and not the owner and I do not make introductions with other dogs. This is to make sure both dogs are both safe from any scuffles or nipping. We all like to think our dogs are friendly, but just like we do not love every person we meet, neither do the dogs.

It says that you specialize in “Sick, Senior, & Special Needs” what does this mean?

This means that I specialize in caring for animals that may be sick and are receiving medical treatment for ailments such as diabetes, cancer, or recovering from a surgery where they need rest, medication, and maybe some bandages changed. I’m also experiences caring for animals that are paralyzed and may need help being expressed, blind, and or deaf who need specific routines. When it comes to our aging pets they need a little extra care that comes with age.

Do you still watch healthy animals and puppies?

Yes I do! I take care of all animals! Where my main clients are dogs and cats, I also have cared for puppies, birds, & fish. If you’ve small rodents in the house too I’m happy to care for them as well.

Are you insured and do you have references?

Yes I am insured and bonded.

I do have plenty of references what are all happy to be called on if you’d like to hear about their experience with my services? You can also find testimonial on my Facebook Page.

Will anyone else be entering my home while you’re watching my pets?

I have the utmost respect for my clients home and privacy and I do not allow anyone else into the home. The ONLY person who will enter your home is one of my employees who is either shadowing me or is assigned to care for your pet on my behalf.

Is it only you pet sitting?

Pet Care by Nicole is a team of two currently consisting of myself Nicole, and my mother Debbie. Both of us are experienced in dog walking and pet sitting outside of our own furry family!

This is great! But I have a few more questions.

Feel free to send any additional questions to me via my CONTACT PAGE

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